Monday, November 5, 2007


I feel like some pretty important/mildly interesting things happened in this previous week. I just can't remember them. Maybe a quick list will summarize my days.

Oh, yeah. I sprained my ankle on Monday afternoon. It was a minor sprain, but enough to be a bitch. But it's been getting better for the last week; by the end of this week I should be fine.

Also, it seems that Lansing sports teams are doing a lot of winning. Plz keep that up, bitches.

Josh did me the courtesy of invites me to tag along while he runs at XC States this Fri/Sat. Cool.

There was a dance this Saturday. It sucked at the beginning, then got mildly fun. Yeah.

I got my first Beatles bootleg (Beatleg, lol). Live! at the Star-Club... low quality, but great insight. Lots of fun, and hopefully not the last beatleg.

That's all, folks (I can't believe I haven't used that yet).

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