Sunday, October 28, 2007

leave britney alone!

Seriously. Leave her alone.

I worked on the project for Macbeth this weekend. Basically, we had to act out 1-2 scenes. After filming and editing it together, it's pretty good. Granted, we all acted poorly, but it could've been much worse.

Also, this weekend, I organized my entire music library. Every artist, song, and album is neatly arranged in a folder. Ten bucks says my computer crashes in the next few days. Ten bucks says I won't care, though, because I backed up my files! Ten bucks says I lose the drive, though. D:

The Red Sox are kicking ass. I know no one cares about baseball, but I do. And, if things go well tonight, the series is theirs. But I have a feeling that ye olde Rockies will not give up so easily. Screw 'em... I'd like to see the Sox win in Boston anyway.

Cross country is almost over. I'd be running in Sexionals (yes, unorthodox spelling) this Thursday, but thanks to my gimpiness, I haven't run in enough meets to qualify. I've been invited to "tag along," but because I'm such a fag, I don't want to miss school. Seriously, though, I'm missing school Wednesday, so I don't want to miss more.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand-- XC finish. This means... indoor starts. Doubtless my hopes will fall short, I will run terribly, and the team will suck. But still... I am very excited. I've already started to lift (stop laffing plz), seeing as how we do it almost every day in indoor. But one of the reasons I'm excited is because it's actually fun-- cross country is fun in the sense of "omg good times," but I am not goodz at distance running. Indoor is like a fun house filled with nude babes, Lyle Lovett, and LSD.

Yeah, figure that one out.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

happiness is a warm blog

My parents are gone for the weekend. They went to Cleveland to visit the sister in college. So I've been sitting around the house watching TV and being bored. No, I haven't looked at porn.

Also, I took the PSATs this weekend. They were dumb. Mildly challenging, but I just don't like the format of the test. Plus, the fact that College Board can pretty much do whatever the hell they want, seeing as how they and the ACT test are the only ones out there. But whatevs.

An hour or so ago I went out for a run. I was doing fine until I ran into (not literally) a group of four or five trashy kids that I have never seen before. They had some nice dogs, but they were just weird as hell. I tried to keep running, but I had the feeling that they were watching me the whole time, so I headed back. It's such a nice day; I'm pissed that those people ruined it for me.

It is a 3.5 day week this week-- yay. Check out the latest PbF comics. I haven't been posting them here, but they've all been pretty great.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Sorry for the lack of updating. I honestly had the time to update last week, seeing as how we had a four-day weekend. I just didn't have anything exciting to say, and don't we all know that my blog is about 100% excitement.

I saw Across the Universe today. Finally. Fucking limited releases and whatnot held it back for a month until it finally reached anywhere near here. But, I shan't complain. Anyways, it was very good. There were a couple of superfluous musical numbers and some corny lines, but it was a visual, entertaining movie. Wafer thin plot, of course, but if you have a pretty wide suspension of disbelief, it's a great movie. Being a huge Beatles fan, it was an interesting experience. There were some faggy little kids sitting in front of me who talked. Also, there were some pedophiliac juniors there who will remain nameless.

Also, fall is a bitch. Seriously, rain and coldness? What the hell is this shit? Halloween and Thanksgiving? More like Gay-oween and Gaysgiving. Yeah.

I have homework to do, and interwebly stuff to look up. Sorry this wasn't as exciting as other stuff. Bye.