Wednesday, February 28, 2007


So, I've been sitting here for a few minutes, thinking about what to write about. I decided just to write this--- a post in my blog about blogging.

A certain someone did the me the courtesy of informing me that this blog was "going downhill" quickly. The problem lies in choosing topics to write about--- this is not a specified subject blog, seeing as how I don't specialize in cooking, politics, etc. Honestly, most of you most likely this whole thing is crap, and that I'm just trying to show off my Asianity (er...). Really, though, this blog is an "experiment," and I'm just seeing how far I can go with it.

I think that a public journal/blog is interesting. If one takes time to consider it, blogs are very personal things--- thoughts of a person, shared online, for all to see. With all worries of pedophiles and stalkers aside, web logs are a piece of a person for the world to look at. I still think, though, that they are one of the neater bits of the World Wide Web.

One of the problems with blog sites, and community journal sites like LiveJournal, is the question of where one draws the line--- share your thoughts and feelings... but do we reveal too much? Personally, I can be in a mood where I am itching to tell the world my feelings, yet I know they are simply too personal and I would be embarrassed or ashamed for revealing such thoughts (no sexual fantasies, lols). Yet, without these feelings, blogs can be really empty and boring.

The road one must take is the one of bold caution. A strange statement, perhaps, but it is fitting. One should go forward with what they want to say to make the blog worth the time, yet one should not reveal what would do no good. Strangely enough, this line is often difficult to find--- the internet should not be used for a diary, because when one does that, they lose all freedom of mind and choice.

Now, some blogs are simply political, where one reveals thoughts on politicians and economics. In this case, one is accepting the fact that they will be revealing their views on certain aspects of society. They are not online diaries like other blogs and journals, so the rules are changed. But this is not a political blog, nor is it an online diary--- it is simply a collection of thoughts and brainwork of myself.

I might want to say more, but dinner is approaching, and I am afraid that if you made it this far (congratulations, if you did) that you are on the verge of exhaustion or boredom. This post has no closure, then, but I suppose it should be allowed, because I am Luke.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Monday, February 26, 2007

The Oscars!

I have to admit, The Academy Awards last night were pretty enjoyable. Ellen DeGeneres was enough to make me nervous, but she was funn
y [enough]. Honestly, the dancing troupe before commercial breaks made the whole thing worth it - how could you not love when they did Happy Feet?

Most of the winners were well-deserved, I thought. I w
as especially pleased Happy Feet taking Best Animated Feature. I hate Pixar and therefore Cars, and the other movie honestly looked terrible. Having the penguin movie win was really a terrific feat (ba dum ch)...

In other news, I'd thought I'd post The Perry Bible Fellowship. For those who don't know, it's a webcomic by Nicholas Gurewitch. Twisted, sick humor; that's why I love it. This week's was particularly juicy (click the thumbnail below).


Sunday, February 25, 2007

me so azn


Luke has a blog. Is he conforming? Is he desperately reaching out to the world?

idk lols

Nor do I need to know! A blog is enjoyable to read if the person who writes it is enjoyable. I will try to be that person. Leave comments, h8 me, etc. It's all in good fun. Hopefully, this will hold my interest. Writing about my life and thoughts may be an easy thing. It may be hard.

...That's what she said?