Monday, November 26, 2007

the return of the je(blog)di

Yes, that's right, I went for a brief, two-week hiatus. And man, was the vacation nice! Sunny Florida, blustery Maine, marijuana-y Denver... I'm kidding. But not about the hiatus. It was never announced, but it was planned. Do not fear; Luke is here!

Probably the biggest thing of interest that happened in this time was Thanksgiving Break. And it wasn't all that interesting! Okay, so, my sister came home and I got to see her for the first time in months. That was cool. And Thanksgiving itself was cool. Probably the most enjoyable part of the break was just... that it was a break. And a crucially needed one, I do say so myself. And that was gay. But really. Breaks are cool. And of course, I can't wait for winter break.

So, last Tuesday, I organized a track team movie night to go see Beowulf, but it turned out I couldn't go so everyone went without me. Alas, the tears I cried that night were like no other before! But I heard that the flick was mediocre at best. And no, it is not a rip-off of 300-- the advertising may be, but it says naught about the actual movie. I digress.

It rained in track today. And rain is okay. Just not running in it for an hour or so, lying down in it, doing hills in it, etc. I guess I won't complain. I guess I'll just say that I hope for the better days in which we practice inside. Sure, it hurts your knees. But it's nice and warm; plus, there's that cozy "omg-indoor-track-is-so-fun" feeling." Yeah, you probably wouldn't know. And I'm getting faster, anyway. Whoo.

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